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Sugar & Fat Bloom on Chocolate

If your chocolate is covered in either white fine powder, or white and gray streaks; fear not, these are not fungus. They are known ascalled sugar bloom and fat bloom respectively. While not appealing in looks However , they are still safe to be consumed even though theyit does not look appealing. To find out which of the two different phenomena has occurred, try touching the chocolate: the surface of chocolate with fat bloom will melt easily and be sticky and smooth; while the surface of chocolate with sugar bloom will feel dry and coarse.

Sugar Bloom: Occurs when chocolate is subjected to temperature shocks within a short time; or when stored in a damped area. This leads to water condensation on the surface of the chocolate. The presence of water now attracts naturally occurring sugars (usually non sweet fructose) to the surface. When the water dries up, sugar is left on the surface as white powdery texture.

Fat Bloom: Happens if the chocolate gets too warm. The cocoa butter melts and then re-solidifies, leaving white or grayish streaks on the surface of your chocolate. Your chocolate also loses its gloss.

How to avoid them: Both of these types of blooms happen when chocolate is improperly stored. If you would likewant to store your chocolate in theyour fridge, invest in an air-tight container to store your chocolate. When taking them out fromof the fridge, let them restsit for a while on your kitchen counter to minimize minimalize condensation.

Sugar & Fat Bloom on Chocolate

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