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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • Are the bread, pastry and ready to eat food sold in AEON is Halal?

    Yes. AEON La Boheme, Delicatessen, Sushi (managed by AEON), Drinks, Coco Café and Mister Donut are certified Halal by JAKIM. Refer Halal website: www.halal.gov.my or AEON Halal Policy. Some departments in new stores (within 1 year) are in the process of certification. However, all stores are using the same Halal ingredients as the other Halal certified stores.

  • Is AEON sushi freshly made everyday?

    Yes. We are doing our production on daily basis.

  • I bought a packet of sushi set at Aeon store today. Can I keep it in the fridge and consume for the next day?

    To maintain the freshness and taste of sushi, you have to consume it within 2 hours for the room temperature (ambient) or you may keep it in the chiller and consume on the same day of purchase.

  • How do we know whether the organic vegetables sold in AEON are really organic as it’s claimed?

    The organic produce & vegetables sold in our grocery stores are certified with MALAYSIAN ORGANIC SCHEME CERTIFICATION (SOM). SOM is a certification programme developed by the Department of Agriculture to certified farms that are operated in an organic method according to the criteria and guidelines stipulated within the Malaysian Organic Scheme Standard (SOM).

    The SOM Standard is based on Malaysian Standard MS1529:2001 - The Production, Processing, Labeling and Marketing of Plant Based Organically Produced Foods.

    Logo Malaysian Organic Scheme Certification (SOM)

    Besides the local certification SOM, our imported organic produces also certified with various international organic standards such as NASAA Certified Organic (Australia), Australian DEMETER Bio-Dynamic Certified Organic (Australia), Organic Thailand and BioGro Certified Organic (New Zealand).

    International Organic Logo

    International Organic Logo
    Organic Australia
    Organic Australia
    Organic Thailand
    Organic Thailand
    Organic New Zealand
    Organic New Zealand

    We ensure that all organic products marketed in AEON has been certified organic by organic certification bodies.

  • How long does raw chicken parts such as drumsticks, breast part, wings part are recommended to be kept in the refrigerator if not cooked after purchase?

    All packed chicken parts are recommended to be kept in the chiller for no more than three (3) days from the production date on the packaging label. However, it is recommended to keep within two (2) months for frozen storage in the refrigerator.

  • What is the difference between natural mineral water and drinking water?

    Natural Mineral Water is defined as ground water obtained for human consumption from underground water resources. It contains various minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium, Fluoride, Sodium and Sulphate.

    Packaged Drinking Water shall be portable water or treated portable water other than natural mineral water that is sealed in bottles or other types of packaging and is for human consumption. The source for this Packaged Drinking Water can be from public water supply, surface water or underground water.

  • What are the symptoms of food poisoning?

    Food poisoning is generally applied to illness resulting from bacterial or viral contamination of food. Food poisoning usually causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and sometimes fever.

  • How do I prevent foodborne illness? (e.g., food poisoning)

    You can prevent foodborne illness by consuming safe food and practicing good personal hygiene, keeping food at safe temperatures, cook food adequately and avoid cross-contamination.

    There are several steps that reduce the risk of food borne illness:
    • Wash your hands before and after handling food
    • Wash all fruits and vegetables before eating and cooking
    • Store all chilled and frozen food under the correct temperature
    • Separate fresh produce and ready to eat food from raw meat, poultry and seafood to avoid cross-contamination.
    • Use clean water and safe raw food for food preparation.

    For details, please refer to brochure of Safe Food Guidelines (Panduan Untuk Makanan Yang Selamat), from Ministry Of Health Malaysia, website: http://fsq.moh.gov.my

  • How do I file a complaint?

    Please call our AEON Careline at 1-300-80-AEON(2366), email us at feedback@aeonretail.com.my and or fax us at 03-77284545.

    Alternatively, please obtain the customer voice form from the Customer Service Counter to file a complaint regarding the food handling practices or products. Complete the information on the form and place it into the feedback box available at counter.

    Your complaint will be recorded and channeled to the AEON food safety team whom are responsible for inspecting the establishment for review and appropriate action.

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