AEON Fashion Preview (AFP) is a triennial preview of what’s upcoming for AEON’s fashion brands. Highlighting the latest in trends, styles, colours and textures as we showcase the new season’s arrivals as well as announcing exciting collaborations.

Past AFP included the launch of our imported athleisure range, innercasual (iC) featuring sustainability by Katharine Hamnett at the boutique TRIBE studios following the fun fashion runway in a moving MRT; to reimagining comfort at the Kuala Lumpur TAPAK food trucks park; collaborating with UiTM Fine Arts taking fashion back to where the ideas are first germinated and nurtured; and the most recent featured 500 crowdsourced personalities walking the runway, making it the largest fashion show of individuality and self-expression. AFP continues to break new ground, highlighting the latest in trends, styles, colors, and textures. Building on the success of previous editions, such as the electrifying runway at TAR UMT, where AEON empowered students with an exclusive collaboration. Experience our latest offerings with Raya 2024 collection, showcasing the stads Urban Explorer Collection infused with versatile denim pieces.

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